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A class 6 felony is a severe felony in most states, but is also the least serious kind of felony. Felonies are classed by numbers, starting with Class 1 felonies. The most serious felonies are class 1 felonies that are the most serious offenses. If you are charged with a felony, the class 6 felony would be considered the best one to be charged with. 

In many cases, your lawyer and the prosecutor can work together to bring this charge down to a misdemeanor. Learn more about this kind of felony and what its implications are for those accused.

What is a Class 6 Felony?

A class 6 felony is a criminal charge that is at the lowest rank in the ranking of felonies. Most states have class 6 felonies. There are approximately 200 crimes that rank as class 6 felonies.

This is a felony that can be reduced to a misdemeanor in some cases. Among the most common kinds of class 6 felonies are the following:

  • Sexual conduct with a victim under the age of 16 or 15
  • Theft and/or possession of burglary tools
  • Shoplifting
  • Some kinds of domestic violence
  • Drug paraphernalia possession
  • Eluding or resisting arrest

These are just a few of the felonies that fall in the class 6 category. These felonies will have sentencing guidelines. In some states, some class 6 felonies can be reduced to a misdemeanor.

In Arizona for example, ARS 13-604 says that someone convicted of a class 6 felony may have it reduced to a class 1 misdemeanor if it is not a violent or dangerous offense. If a judge believes the sentencing would be unduly harsh for the crime, it can be reduced. 

This happens in many states all the time. A criminal defense attorney could work with the prosecutor on this. A judge will make the final decision either way.

The statute of limitations for charging any kind of felony will vary by state. In Arizona for example, the statute of limitations on class 6 felonies is 7 years. This means that the accused can be charged within 7 years of committing the crime.

Consequences for Class 6 Felonies

The consequences for class 6 felonies will vary depending on the nature of the offense, and whether the accused has prior offenses on their record.

If there are no prior felonies, sentencing guidelines will be light. Depending on the nature of the offense, sentencing can be as high as a few years in jail. The more felonies on an individual’s record, the worse their situation will be when it comes to sentencing. In the case of first-time dangerous offenses, jail or prison sentencing is usually mandatory.

The Undesignated Felony

There is such a thing as the undesignated felony. This is also sometimes called an open felony. You might hear this term with class 6 felonies.

This is a felony charge that is undesignated as a felony at the time of the charge. This kind of class 6 felony has the best chance of being reduced to a misdemeanor. If the accused completes their sentencing and probation without problems, they can petition the court for a class 6 felony reduction in the charge.

Seek Legal Advice

If you or a loved one has been charged with a class 6 felonies, you will need legal advice to help you with this problem. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you or a loved one with a class 6 felony charge. Get a free consultation with a criminal defense attorney today.


Car accidents are one of the things that you always see on the news. And most of the time, they involve property damage and personal injuries not only to the driver but can also be to the passengers or the pedestrian. Unfortunately, some of these accidents lead to fatal injuries. In this case, you must work with lawyers. You have to make sure that you know what to do in case this happens to you or your loved one.

Things to Do After an Accident

Anyone can be involved in such accidents. It is crucial that you follow the steps below to avoid getting yourself in trouble. In this case, it doesn’t matter if you are at fault or not. Knowing what to do here before you call an attorneyis crucial to protect yourself.

  • Never Drive Away. The first instinct for some when they get into a vehicular accident is they drive away. But in legalcases, that is the last thing that you want to do. You have to stop even if it’s a minor accident.
  • Call the Police. You need to inform the authorities of the accident and if you have an injuryso they can call for emergency services. Do not assume that the other driver involved will be the one to call the police. In fact, it is still important to make the call even if it’s a minor incident. Stay inside your vehicle if it’s safe to do so.
  • Take Note Of Vital Information. When the police arrive at the accident scene, make sure that you inform the investigating officer of what happened. If you are not sure of the facts, tell the officer too. Never speculate or make wild guesses with your statement.
  • Record for Evidence. If you can, take pictures and videos of the extent of the damage. Do the same if you have visible injuries. But make sure that you do all this without interfering with the police investigation. This can be evidence that your attorneyswill need for the case.
  • Call Your Lawyer. Before you forget, make sure that you call your lawyer about what happened. This is crucial especially when filing for insurance claims for car accidents. An attorney from a trusted law firm would also help you deal withthe case while you are healing from your injuries.

Car Accident Lawyer in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Injury Lawyers P.C. is a trusted law firm locally. They have lawyers who do not only specialize in car accidents but also in personalinjury cases, medical malpractice and slip and fall. What’s good about the legal services they offer is that they do not make their clients pay until the claim is settled. They offer free consultation from professional and experienced lawyers. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and visit the law firms’ websites to check out the legal assistance they offer.


Are you affected by any car accidents? We are very sorry about your loss and damage. We will help you understand the work structure of a Car Accident Attorney. So, read along the blog post to get an idea of how the attorney organizes and analyzes the primary records and evidence. Also, they help devise a sturdy network of experts who will assist in nourishing the case and a lot more. Let’s have a look at it.

Work Of A Car Accident Lawyer

An Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer Pittsburgh works according to the complexities and specifications of your accident. They work in the following manner:

Communication With The Other Party’s Insurer

The Car Accident Attorney engages in a conversation with the other party’s insurer. The insurer possesses the pocketbook, thus, making it difficult to have smooth communication between the lawyer and the insurer.

Acquiring Proof Of Liability

An Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer Pittsburgh works efficiently to acquire all the necessary proofs to prove liability in the court of law. You may have taken the photographs of the car yourself. But the lawyer goes back to the time when the accident took place and tries to understand the possibilities of the accident. 

Acquiring Proof Of Damages

It is significant to obtain all the evidence of the damages in the case. The lawyer acquires information related to the injury, disability, or physical limitation. He also collects proof if the accident occurred due to the negligence of the defendant. Moreover, he also gathers all the medical reports in connection with the car accident.

Negotiation With The Charge Holders  

If the injured person receives benefit from a workers’ compensation insurer, the charge holder will be paid before you. The Car Accident Attorney works to minimize the compensation so that he can get more compensation for the loss or damage from the car accident.

Negotiation With The Defendant

Every Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer Pittsburgh must have the skill of negotiation. He works very closely in the case of a car accident. A worthy lawyer knows the amount of loss that needs to be compensated. Moreover, he also understands the negotiations to be made to come up with the best possible outcome for the clients.


You can certainly fight your case provided you dare to gather the necessary evidence of the injury.

A branch of law that needs empathy and has an immense emotional impact on the legal process is called family law. A child’s welfare or a case involving an abusive marital relationship falls under the family law branch. Hence, a family attorney has the responsibility of helping the clients navigate through an important period of their lives. Besides empathy, it also requires vast legal expertise. 

Before moving on to the benefits, let’s see some details about family law.

What Is Family Law And What Does Family Attorneys Do?

The area of law that involves dealing with conflicts and issues related to family or domestic relations is called family law. This includes cases such as divorce, child custody, support, adoptions, and alimony or spousal visits.  

Besides this, a family attorney also holds expertise in the area of division in marital property and prenuptial or postnuptial agreements. Moreover, a child custody attorney can assist in cases of child abuse and domestic violence. 

Why Should You Hire A Family Lawyer?

Dealing with family or domestic problems can be emotionally draining. Conflicts in our home, where we are supposed to be safe and at peace, can be a traumatizing experience. A family lawyer can help you in this process. 

Here are 5 benefits of hiring a family attorney:

  • Expertise In Family Law

Even if you face no conflicts in the process of your divorce, hiring a divorce attorney is a wise decision. Their knowledge and expertise in this field will guide you on the right path. It will also ensure that no one is taking advantage of you. 

  • Less Conflict

In case of any friction in the process, a lawyer can assist in negotiating and decreasing any conflict. Sometimes, a child custody battle can turn ugly; in this case, you need a child custody attorney. They can protect the rights of both the child and the parents. 

  • Seriousness Of A Case

Hiring a divorce attorney can showcase your seriousness to the other party involved in the case. It can also have a greater outcome in the end. 

  • Knowledge Of The Procedure

You cannot know the procedure and the possible issues involved in them. A child custody attorney can calculate the moves of the other party and work accordingly.

  • Emotional Support

Having emotional support to advocate you through this draining process can take a huge weight off of your shoulders.

When we talk about first degree criminal sexual conduct, there are many assumptions about the same. However, for once and for all, here we are to help you with what exactly it means, to avoid any further communications. 

First Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct – Meaning

First degree criminal sexual conduct is known to be one of the harshest charges which exist in the current times about sex crimes. There are primarily four types of sexual assault crime degrees. Amongst these 4 degrees of sexual assault crimes, the worst is the first degree, and the purpose identifies that it does involve penetration in it. 

In case you or someone of your known is either investigated or gets charged for any sexual assault or crime under the charges of first degree criminal sexual conduct, then here is what it means:

Firstly, this means that the individual who has put these charges on you, basically the accuser, claims that the guilty individual did have sexual penetration, which could be oral, anal or vaginal, with the accuser. 

Secondly, this implies that the guilty charged individual tried or had sex with the accuser who (they) was 13 years and below. The guilty individual had sex with the accused, both of you are related, and the accuser was under the age of 13. The other case also could be that the guilty charged individual had sex with the accuser, who was between the ages group 13 – 15. In the last case, there have been times when the accuser has claimed that they went through mental illness, which was due to sexual penetration. 

Actions Which Come Under First Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct:

If you are wondering about which actions, come under first degree criminal sexual conduct and which don’t. Then here is an exhaustive list for you. 

  • Sexual penetration with the accuser and if the accuser is 13 years and below.
  • Sexual penetration with the accuser and if the accuser is between 13 to 16 years old.
  • If you have a relation with the accuser either by affinity or by blood to the fourth degree. 
  • As the victim, if you are a member and share the same household. You have some authority position over the accuser or the victim, and the accuser has used this authority for coercing the victim in some way or the other indeed.