eb-2 niw lawyer


People who have demonstrated exceptional abilities in science, arts, and business can get lawful residence in the United States without having an employer as a sponsor. That’s the crux of the National Interest Waiver (NIW). NIW is a part of EB-2 employment-based visas for permanent residency in the United States. People who are eligible for NIW are those who have an advanced degree or equivalent or have demonstrated exceptional abilities. Expectedly, the NIW application is anything but easy. You certainly need an eb-2 niw lawyer to help you further. Here’s more on what you need to know. 

Eligibility at a glance

As discussed, people who are eligible for NIW are those who have exceptional abilities. This could refer to individuals, whose employment or expertise could highly benefit the US. One must have an advanced degree, and the endeavor proposed should have significant merit and must be of national importance. The applicant should also furnish necessary details, such as – 

  • Detailed academic record that relates to their field of exceptional ability
  • Letters that document at least ten years of full-time employment in an occupation
  • Evidence of salary
  • Membership in a professional association
  • Recognition from peers, professional organizations, or government entities

Other things to know 

What are the benefits of an NIW? Firstly, the applicant doesn’t need a labor certification. They don’t need to show they have a job offer or a permanent position. They can go for a self-petition. Now, there’s another question – Is this right for you? 

The answer depends on several factors. For instance, do you have an advanced degree or can demonstrate exceptional abilities in the field of arts, science, or business? Can you prove you are a leader in the field? Do you specialize in a field that has an impact on diverse world or national issues? Does the proposed endeavor have merit?

Applying for a National Interest Waiver

Considering the uniqueness of a National Interest Waiver, the application can be confusing, complex, and daunting. If you think you qualify for an NIW, meet an experienced immigration attorney who will ensure your application is well-supported by the required documents. They will also guide you further with the paperwork. Not all immigration attorneys handle NIW applications, which means you must do your homework before choosing someone. Check their track record, what they have achieved for other clients, and if they have good ratings. 

With the right lawyer, you can explore each step through the application process with confidence.