Not everyone has a fulfilling, happy marriage. If you are contemplating divorce, you are not alone. Of course, you should try everything possible to reconcile with your spouse, especially if you have minor kids. however, a divorce may seem like an eventuality when things are beyond the point of resolution. Top law firms in Utah, such as Coil Law, offer low-cost consultations for select clients. Consider meeting an attorney to know your rights. Below are some of the common mistakes you must avoid. 

  1. Not hiring a lawyer. If you don’t understand much about divorce laws, don’t even think of online legal services. Get an attorney who can work to protect your interests and simplify the process. 
  2. Not seeking help. Divorce is a tough and emotional time, and you should seek help from professionals, if needed. There is no harm in seeking therapy when you cannot handle the pressure alone. 
  3. Trashing your partner/spouse. Many people end up trashing their ex on social media, which can impact the case. You may have a thousand grudges, but when it comes to the divorce, keep things private. 
  4. Not planning about finances. After your divorce, the income of the household will reduce considerably, but your expenses will remain the same. Always consider the financial implications of the divorce. 
  5. Dating immediately. While no one can stop you from dating, if you are going through the divorce process, this is something that your lawyer will advise against. Remember that nothing is “private” anymore. 
  6. Trying delaying tactics. No matter your intentions, delaying the divorce will not do you any good. You must consider ending the matter amicably and without getting the court involved. Don’t let your ego trick you. 
  7. Seeking child custody when you don’t have time. Many couples want a 50-50 custody arrangement, even when that could mess up things. If you are capable and available, it makes to fight for child custody. Your child’s best interests should be your immediate concern. 
  8. Avoiding court orders. You are required to follow the court orders with regards to payments for child support and alimony. If your spouse has a restraining order against you, you are required to follow the same. 

Hiring an attorney for your divorce is important and necessary. Your lawyer can help avoid common paperwork mistakes, which can consequentially cost huge. You can also expect emotional support during the tough times. Call a local lawyer in Utah now!