If you bought a new or a used vehicle under the factory warranty that has serious issues with it, you can consider filing for a lemon law claim. As lemon laws are confusing, there can be a lot of issues if you file a lemon law claim.

While it is not necessary that you hire a lemon law lawyer San Diego, taking the help of a lemon law lawyer can be beneficial as they will be able to get you the most out of your claim. These are some reasons that you can go to a lemon law lawyer to get the most out of your claim

Is Filing Worth It and How Long Does it Take?

Many consumers do not think that filing is worth it as it takes a lot of time. However, other than collecting documents, your lawyer will do all the work related to the case. If the case goes on long enough then you may have to give a deposition but many cases are over before that.

Lemon law claims are usually resolved in weeks but some can take months to resolve. The lemon vehicle is a liability to the manufacturer, so the manufacturer will try to resolve the case as soon as possible. They have to settle the case before the vehicle loses even more of its value.

Will the Lawyer’s Experience Work?

Anyone can represent themselves in a lemon law case, however, a lemon law lawyer California can get more out of the claim compared to what a consumer can get themselves. A good lemon lawyer brings a lot of experience in handling lemon law cases. Lemon laws are confusing, so to get rid of the long and confusing process, a consumer can go for a lemon law lawyer who knows the in and outs of the California lemon law.

Can I Afford a Lemon Law Lawyer?

Worrying about costs is every consumer’s problem. The good news when it comes to a lemon filing is that the consumer does not have to pay the legal fees. According to the California state lemon law, the manufacturer is responsible to pay the legal fees and other costs of the legal process of the consumer if the case is won. 

If you have a legitimate case, then hiring California lemon lawyers is the best choice to get the most out of your claim.

Will a Lawyer Take a Percentage of my Recovery?

A sign that a lawyer is not trustworthy is when they ask for a percentage of the recovery amount that you get. State lemon laws say that the manufacturer is to pay the legal fees of the consumer. No lawyer has the claim over a lemon law claim. The recovery is meant to pay for the damages of the vehicle and not the lawyer.

Can I Get Any Other Attorney other than a Lemon Lawyer?

It takes a lot of knowledge to become a lemon lawyer as there are no lemon law courses in law school to become lawyers for lemon law. Lemon law is so unique that not many lawyers are well versed in it and some have not even handled a lemon law case. Only a seasoned lemon lawyer with years of experience handling lemon law cases will be able to handle a lemon law case. A question that you need to ask a lawyer is how long have you been practising lemon law cases.

Final Words

An experienced lemon law lawyer will walk you through the case and help you resolve the case quickly and efficiently. You need a lemon law who will handle a trial, presenting your Lemon Law case to a judge and jury. In the end, a lemon law lawyer firm such as McMillan Law Group is highly recommended as it does not take any additional costs to you.