Right after a car accident, you can be very confused. Unfortunately, this can lead to several mistakes. What you do might make things worse for you and for those around you. Knowing what to do and what not to do is much more important than you might think. 

The truth is most people have no idea what to do at the scene of a car accident, so they receive lower damages for car accidents through the subsequent injury claim. If you are among them, here are the most important things to remember. 

See If You Are Injured

The first thing to do is to check yourself for the presence of injuries. When seriously injured, do your best not to move and wait for the emergency personnel to arrive. Most injuries can become worse when you move. 

If possible, also check on the other people involved. Contact emergency services whenever you notice anyone injured or ask for a bystander to do it. 

Get To A Safe Place And Call 911

Remove yourself from any potentially dangerous situation. Getting to the sidewalk or any other safe place should be a priority. Then, you need to call 911. Some people believe that this is not necessary in fender-bender collisions. In reality, it does not matter what accident happened. Having the authorities on site will help you. 

For instance, you might be injured without even realizing this is the case. If you choose to leave the site of the accident, it will be very difficult to prove that you were hurt. Some injuries appear much later than you might believe. 

Exchange Information With Other Parties Involved

After you are sure there are no injuries visible, it is time to exchange insurance and contact information with those who were involved. Then, you should also take some photographs of licenses and even insurance cards. You are mainly interested in getting the policy number, the insurance company, contact information, full name, the license plate number, accident location, and the type of car involved. 

Make sure to never discuss fault. This is common when you go over accident facts. As you file the claim, it is the insurance adjuster that reviews it. Then, based on several things, it is determined who was at fault. If you make the mistake of admitting fault or saying you are not hurt, this will damage your injury claim. 

Document The Car Accident

It is important to protect yourself and your best interests after the car accident. This is why you should do the following:

  • Know who the police officers were – Just get badge numbers and police officer names. 
  • Get the police report – You should receive a copy of the report written by the police officer who comes to the scene. 
  • Take photographs – You can simply use your smartphone for this. Photograph all cars involved, the overall scene, and anything else that might have influenced what happened, like traffic lights that do not work. 
  • Look for witnesses – If there are people who saw the accident, talk to them and get their contact information, if they give it to you, of course. Witness testimony can be incredibly valuable for car accident claims.