Having a blog for your law firm is a great idea and it can provide a whole host of benefits. From increasing your online presence to ensuring that you have a better relationship with clients, this is a great tool which all law firms should look to include on their website. No matter if you have a personal injury law firm or one which focuses on corporate clients, blogging is a great idea and one which can help to grow the firm. It is however critical to understand what exactly great content looks like, because if your content is not high quality, you won’t be able to count on the benefit which a blog can offer. 

Here are some tips on making sure that you deliver a great quality blog.

Providing Value 

Before any content is created it is important to consider what kind of value you are offering to those who you wish to read it. Now value can be anything from entertainment to making people think, the key however is that your content at least aims to do it. Simply writing about daily updates in the office is not enough to encourage people to read, engage and share what you are saying. 

Well Written in Blog Form 

Something which so many law firms get wrong is the method by which they are writing the blog. This kind of content should be informal, and show a lighter side to the firm. This is understandable of course given that lawyers are so used to reading and writing huge pieces of information. The blog however should be short and punchy, it should be to the point and it should be written in a conversational style. 

Using Media

Media is a great addition to any piece of content, and here it can serve a number of purposes. Firstly this serves to break up the content in order to make it easier for readers too digest. Secondly the media which you use can add a sense of fun to the piece, and actively contribute towards the subject matter of the blog post. 

Encouraging Engagement

Within the content it makes sense to have calls to action and questions which you want the reader to answer. This is something that can really encourage people to engage more. If you weren’t already aware, the more that people engage on your site, the better that it will perform in the search engine rankings. These questions and calls to action should of course be pertinent and in staying with the subject of the piece. 


And finally it is very important that law firms understand the need for consistency around their blog. This can’t be something which is picked up one day and put down the next. Firms should aim to create at least 2 pieces of content per week. 

These are the keys to creating great content for your law firm’s blog, in order to get the benefits which a blog is able to deliver.