Like any implementation of ISO standards, ISO 27001 has its particularities that can make the path of ISO 27001 certification more difficult. The ISO 27001 is the standard that provides principles and safety system controls information and highlights the company’s commitment to information security. It is its duty to provide requirements to establishments to establish, implement, maintain and continuously improve a management system through the application of a risk management process and provide stakeholders with confidence that the risks are properly managed.

Details of information is a fact

As it is an issue where the detail can cost your company vulnerability, the level of detail to be worked on in implementing iso27001 is quite large. It is essential to have a person in charge of this project, who is very detailed, so that you could understand all the details of the processes.

Lack of time is a reality

Due to the complexity of the subject, it is common for companies to assign managers to carry out the operational project. Although these roles are essential, managers usually do not have time available in their routine to dedicate themselves to the required level of detail and it ends up influencing the necessary analysis. Therefore, besides being a detail person, it is important that the person responsible for the project have time to audit recent scenario.

Leadership is essential for you

If the person responsible for the project is a manager, who has no decision-making authority, it can hinder the ISO certification project. It is because the analysis of scenarios and quick responses to identify threats are crucial for information security and it is why having a manager who has decision-making autonomy for quick response is essential.

Are you ready to accept the changes?

Like any standard, ISO 27001 will bring several changes to your company that will affect the change of your company’s organizational culture. During the implementation, you will define controls to mitigate the risks raised and thus apply the controls in practice, ensuring that the controls are being applied is one of the main workforces of the safety committee during and after implementation. 

Information Security and ISO 27001

Let us clarify that ISO 27001 is the corporate governance standard. It means that it indicates a set of policies, processes and controls that aim to regulate the way the company manages and controls information risks. It is why ISO 27001 has become the subject of C-level conference tables. The company will need to create an exclusive channel for information security. It should create methods to engage employees and advice on applicable changes.

In the end

Annex A is the applicable controls (114 security controls that need to be analyzed) that ISO 27001 requires to be applied in companies. ISO 27002 is the standard whose main objective is to assist companies in the analysis and implementation of all ‘Annex A’ controls listed in ISO 27001. The use of ISO 27002 helps to understand each control more broadly and clearly. It indicates what the company should do, and not how the company can implement control.