When people commit unlawful acts to obtain property, money, or something of value, it is considered a property crime. Property crime consists of several types of crimes that lead to different consequences depending on their severity. 

Being convicted of a crime has a massive impact on your future. You have to navigate through a complex legal procedure before you face punishment, and you have the right to seek legal counsel during this time. A criminal defence lawyer Vancouver understands your distress when you are in such a situation and ensures that you receive a fair judgment. 

Some types of property crimes. 

  • Burglary. 

When an individual enters premises illegally, also referred to as trespassing, intending to commit a crime inside it, it is considered a burglary. Every state’s laws differ, and you will face punishment based on them. In Vancouver, for a first-degree burglary charge, you may face life in prison along with a $50,000 fine. For a second-degree charge, you may face up to ten years in prison and a $20,000 fine. 

  • Theft. 

Individuals are charged with theft when they take someone else’s property without their consent and intend to deprive them of it permanently. Penalties depend on the worth of the stolen goods and may vary based on the unique situation of your case. You may face up to ten years of imprisonment if the stolen goods exceed $5000 in value and up to two years in prison if it is below $5000. 

  • Possession of stolen goods. 

Knowingly and willingly possessing goods illegally obtained through means such as robbery or theft is considered to be the possession of stolen goods. While you are not charged if you did not know that the property was stolen, the same laws applicable in theft will be applied if it was intentional. 

  • Robbery. 

If you have committed theft with the use or threat of violence, you may be facing a robbery charge. The additional use of a weapon or threat of it can lead to an aggravated robbery charge. In the event of a first offence, you may face five years in prison, and repeated violations result in seven years of imprisonment. Aggravated robbery charges may lead to life imprisonment. 

Enlisting the help of an experienced and skilled Vancouver lawyer is essential to ensure that you receive a fair judgment. They analyze your case to help guide you through the process and enable you to attain reduced charges. The presence of a lawyer helps you take the proper steps and protect your rights.