Hiring a family law attorney is always advisable regarding legal family situations. They make it a point that everything is handled correctly, irrespective of the problem. Family law covers almost all kinds of cases, which can eventually have a major impact on a person’s life. 

Usually, a family issue is more related to an emotional battle, such as custody of a child, distribution or allotment of property and assets, wills, divorce cases, etc. When it is about divorce, custody of a child or even adoption, a family law attorney is hired to take charge of the situation in the court.

How Is A Family Lawyer Eligible To Handle Cases Related To Estate Planning?

While a family lawyer is responsible for handling everything related to the issues of a family, similar a real estate law attorney is required when it comes to property matters. A family and real estate lawyer must collaborate to handle the case differently. They are responsible for all the legal allegations and bifurcation of the property legally. 

A real estate attorney specializes in matters related to the exchange of real estate deals and land-related issues. They are responsible for selling and buying the property in a dispute, especially by a family. As they act as a liaison for the buying, and selling, of realtors of the real estate property, they also take care of the paperwork. Most states require a real estate law attorney to handle all the finances and close the land issues.

Family law and real estate overlap when the situation concerns the distribution of property or land in the deceased’s name. People tend to fight over such property issues and end up spoiling the relationship. Hence hiring the appropriate lawyer makes sense to handle the situation with legal terms.


Which Are The Various Issues Handled By A Family Lawyer?

Sometimes, situations arise when the entire act of a family dispute might turn into a criminal problem. A criminal defense attorney and a family lawyer must be hired to handle the situation. They will be responsible for managing the situation with proper rules and regulations. 

There are various situations that a family lawyer takes care of in a family matter. These situations are

  • Divorce: A family lawyer tries to support either of the parties to resolve the divorce issue. If not, they help the parties to resolve the problems systematically and without any unwanted trouble. Each part must know and understand what they will gain or lose in the procedure. The lawyer is responsible for maintaining decorum and aligning the parties’ legal rights. They are also responsible for handling all the questions asked in the court and being fair in the trial.
  • Child Abuse: It is considered a criminal offense, so hiring a criminal defense attorney to handle cases related to child abuse becomes mandatory. Many people try to escape these issues without hiring an attorney. They eventually have to build a strong case to save themselves from allegations from the court and the accused. 
  • Annulment: This term means that the husband and wife are legally separated. The bond is no longer in existence and has no value in society or on paper. The reasons for annulment can be multiple, but how it is handled by a lawyer is what matters. A spouse may request an annulment for several reasons. One of the partners may be unfertile and suffer from incurable or contagious diseases. There can be situations where they have gone through a previous marriage or divorce or have a history of criminal activity. Here, the case must be handled by a family lawyer. 
  • Alimony: It is also known as spouse support or maintenance post-divorce. Usually, a judge declares the final say and the duration of the alimony depending on various factors and situations. The spouse who is not working and has no source of income is eligible to receive maintenance from the other Spouse


  • Family Business Disputes: A family lawyer is most required for a financial dispute. Here a family and real estate lawyer are needed as they have the expertise to handle the case with all the paperwork. They are aware of all the rules and regulations.

These were a few situations where the attorney for family law handled the case comfortably. Depending on the situation, another specialized attorney must be hired to keep the legal formalities in place. Always be aware and alert about legal involvement in any situation and hire the attorney accordingly.