When you own a business there is a great deal of legal information which you need to understand in order to deliver your duty of care to staff and customers who step on the premises. In Nevada, Las Vegas personal injury lawyers are often consulted by business who wish to know more about what level of liability they have should something occur on their premises. This branch of the law is a legal theory which states what the property owner is liable for, and it is commonly used in the event of an accident which occurs on the premises.

No matter if you have a hotel, cafe or an office, this law applies to you, and here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about it.

If Someone Falls, Can They Sue?

There is no guarantee that the business will be sued if someone were to fall on the premises and hurt themselves. For such a case to be brought forward, the victim would have to prove that they fell because of something that the businesses had done. A simple example here would be if some water was spilled on a tiled floor and not cleaned up, or if no wet floor sign was put down. In this instance the business would be held liable.

Can The Business Be Liable For Victims of Crime?

If a crime takes place on the premises then the business is highly unlikely to be held accountable. The only fact which could change this would be if the business could have anticipated the crime and prevented it from happening. Even in the latter example however, this is a very difficult case to prove.

Are Banks to Blame For ATM Attacks?

We often see cases whereby someone goes and makes a cash withdrawal from an ATM, and then get attacked afterwards. Customers have previously tried to sue banks for these attacks, with varying results. As a result of this there are some states and areas of the country where banks are required to place security on their ATMs.

Are Homeowners Liable For House Party Incidents?

If a homeowner has a party and a member of their group is injured, they can in theory look to sue the owner of the property. The person who sues however must be able to prove that they were unaware of certain dangerous situations or conditions which they should have been made aware of.

Can You Sue The Local Government?

If someone falls on a broken area of the sidewalk then they are within their rights to try and sue the city or state, under premises liability. There are many states however which prohibit any kind of recovery which is taken up by a member of the public for such an accident. This will very much depend on where the incident took place.

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