When a parent deserts a child without regard for their safety, health, or welfare, child abandonment is called. When a parent has the intention to abandon their child wholly or fails to provide care to the child, it is known as abandonment. Previously, child abandonment only covers physical abandonment. However, the scope has widened and now includes extreme cases of emotional abandonment. When a parent gives little or no emotional support and physical contact to children over a long period, it is child abandonment. Such cases also fall under the jurisdiction of family laws and are handled by family law attorneys like the Callahan Barraco family law attorney. These children usually grow up with low self-esteem and emotional dependency. When a person receives charges of child abandonment, they could face felony or other consequences.

Mandatory Laws Covering Child Abandonment

Child abandonment is considered child abuse in several states. However, there are some laws guiding child abandonment, and each state’s child abuse laws differ. You have to thoroughly check your state’s laws to see if it qualifies for child custody. Alternatively, you could also contact top lawyers like the Callahan Barraco family law attorney to clarify your state laws.

Safe Haven Law Exception

Some states have exceptions to child abandonment and classify it under safe haven laws. In peculiar cases, a safe haven law allows mothers to abandon their new children in secure locations. These locations include fire stations, churches, hospitals, and many more. Such mothers can leave their newborn children without fear of a child abandonment charge.

Leaving a Kid at Home

While there are some instances when leaving a child at home is okay, states offer age guidelines to help you avoid a child abandonment charge. There are states where leaving a child home alone can lead to a child abandonment charge depending on the age, time duration, and economic hardship.

How Child Abandonment Leads to Termination of Parent’s Rights to Custody

When a parent becomes a part of child abandonment by leaving home while still married, they could lose their parental right to custody. This situation could limit a parent’s right to attaining custody of a kid in any case. When the parent who remains files for child abandonment through a top lawyer like the Callahan Barraco family law attorney, the parent guilty of child abandonment stands at risk of a felony or losing custody. That’s why it is vital to consider your decisions and ensure it won’t lead to charges and allows you to gain some visitation rights.

Filing for Sole Custody in Child Abandonment

If the remaining spouse charges the other with child abandonment, they stand a chance of gaining full custody. It, however, depends on the circumstance and state law. Situations like deployment or being in the hospital could lead the judge to disregard the request.