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If you have been injured in an accident which wasn’t your fault then it is imperative that you seek out legal assistance. When it comes to personal injury law there are so many firms out there which you could contact, but the service which you get is going to be something that varies greatly. It is therefore important that you are focused on getting the ideal firm for you and your needs. The best approach is to compile a list of options and then look to sit down with each and see what they will offer you. Here is how to go about getting that list. 

Simple Search 

The first place to start is with a search engine, and simply typing in keywords such as ‘personal injury attorney near me’. This is going to be the best way to find the highest quality law firms in your area. When it comes to this kind of search, you need to understand that the algorithms are literally designed to give you the very best range of options. This is why you can trust, at least to some extent, the options which you are given. 

Friends and Family

 Another great option which you could use when you are trying to find law firms which can help you is to speak to any friends or family members who have been through a similar experience. If they filed a personal injury claim and had a great experience with the law firm which they used then get those contact details so that you can use them to, or at least add them to your list of possibilities.

Local Beyond Anything Else 

It is important that you try to find law firms which are local to where you live or where you work. This is going to be hugely beneficial for you because of how easy it will be to get to the office. You shouldn’t need to visit the law offices too many times but the last thing that you need after a long day is to traverse a city in order to do so. Aim to find local offices where possible. 


When it comes to taking the list of options which you find online and making that list a little smaller and easier to digest, be sure to pay attention to the reviews which are being left online. This is going to give you a great insight into what you can expect from the law firm when you start working with them. Reviews may not be gospel, given that we all have different expectations from professional services. With this being said however they can certainly give you a great insight into what you can expect from the firm. 

Once you have got a list together, you can start to make calls and chat with legal teams to find out what they can offer you, and to see how comfortable you feel with them.

We all know that running a red light is not only dangerous, but also illegal. Throughout Florida, red light cameras have become one way for individuals who run red lights to be held accountable through red light camera citations. But in addition to holding drivers accountable by issuing traffic citations, these cameras often provide critical evidence in personal injury cases when a person has been injured in an accident caused by a driver who ran a red light. 

Under Florida Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act which was enacted in 2010, cities and counties in Florida have been using these cameras to catch images of red light runners throughout the state. They were first utilized at primary intersections in the mid-2010’s, but then gradually became more commonplace, now appearing at nearly every main intersection in major cities in Florida. 

Red light cameras automatically photograph motor vehicles that unlawfully run red lights. They can also record up to 12 seconds in video footage to further confirm a violation. These cameras use sensors that monitor the flow of traffic right before a crosswalk or a stop sign. When the camera is triggered by a car running the light, it will record the license plate number of the car. If there is clear evidence that the car ran the light, a civil citation of $158 is issued to the registered owner of the car. 

One of the Primary Causes of Traffic Accidents

Red light runners are one of the primary causes of serious car accidents and fatalities throughout the United States. Consider the data:

  • Fatalities due to drivers who run red lights are now increasing at three times the rate of other causes of traffic fatalities.
  • More injuries happen in car accidents involving a driver who has run a red light than any other type of accident.
  • These accidents account for approximately 90,000 car accidents each year across the nation.

And according to Verra Mobility, the transportation company that provides most of the red light camera monitoring systems throughout our state, the state of Florida has the worst traffic light violators in the country. 

But red light cameras have not been wholly embraced, with many legal opponents raising constitutional issues about their usage because drivers were being ticketed based on information provided by outside vendors. The Florida Supreme Court upheld their legality in 2018, however, allowing for their continued use. While these cameras have been legally controversial, they have proven an invaluable resource in many personal injury claims. 

How Red Light Cameras Can Offer Critical Evidence in a Personal Injury Case

For individuals who have been injured in an accident caused by someone who ran a red light, these images and video can provide critical evidence when fault needs to be established or the other driver is denying fault or blaming other drivers. 

It will capture the driver’s license plate as they are running the light and driving off. If there are multiple cameras at each intersection, the footage can reflect multiple angles of the crash. It can also be instrumental in showing the force of the crash, as further evidence of how fast the at-fault driver was traveling. 

Red light camera video can be critical evidence in a personal injury claim seeking compensation for damages. But this evidence can only be requested for up to 30 days after the accident and sometimes less. Consequently, it is important for the injured party to request this crucial piece of evidence as soon as possible. 

Negligence and Personal Injury Claims

Proving that the individual who hit and injured you was negligent is one of the key elements to recovering compensation for your injuries in a personal injury claim. Running a red light is not only unlawful, but it is considered negligence under the law. 

If you have been injured in a car accident by someone who ran a red light, you should get the assistance of a skilled Boca Raton car accident attorney who can help you secure important evidence to support your claim. At Ged Lawyers, LLP, we have dedicated our practice to diligently fighting for the rights of the victim. Call us at (561) 562-4170 or contact us through our online contact form to schedule a free consultation to understand your rights. 

Large trucks are much more difficult to drive than regular passenger vehicles. With commercial trucks, it is more difficult to control acceleration, visibility, and braking. It is this sheer size that is almost always a contributing factor in truck accidents. 

Every single year there are hundreds of thousands of truck accidents, according to research by Hensley Legal Group semi truck accident attorneys. And close to 20% of them are rear-end collisions. Obviously, two types of such collisions exist:

  • The truck rear-ends a passenger vehicle. 
  • The vehicle rear-ends a truck. 

The common one is the one involving the truck driver rear-ending passenger vehicles. 

Safety Risks

It does not matter what type of rear-end collision you are involved in. Results are always devastating. Such truck accidents often end up catastrophic due to several possible reason. The first and the most obvious one is the fact that vehicles involved have very different sizes. The commercial truck can go up as high as 80,000 pounds. The average vehicle only ways 3,000 pounds. Such size disparity can only lead to really serious injuries. Some of them are fatal. 

Such accidents are also severe because of vehicle design. The trailer’s bumper is almost always higher. This means the bumper and even the frame can go into passenger vehicle compartments. As a result, serious injury risks substantially go up. It does not matter what vehicle rear-ends the other one. 

Potential Causes

Usually, it is the car that hits the other vehicle from behind that is at fault. Liability theory is very straightforward since drivers are required to always have enough room available in front of them when driving. This is necessary so that the vehicle can be brought to a stop without hitting the other one. The rule also applies to truck accidents. 

When the truck is the one rear-ending the passenger vehicle, there is a very good possibility the fault is that of the truck driver or the truck. Usually, such accidents happen because of faulty breaks included in commercial trucks. Commercial truck drivers are very often liable because they need to inspect their brakes on a daily basis. At the same time, mechanics and maintenance companies are also possibly at fault. 

There is a higher possibility the rear-end accident will happen on interstates. This is often because drivers are much more relaxed as the drive is long. You are simply more relaxed and you are not as alert. The roadway is mostly straight. Intersections or stoplights do not exist. Basically, the ability to respond fast to a stopped vehicle or a vehicle that slows down is limited. 

An important thing to know is that although rear-end collisions caused by trucks are more common, when it is the passenger car that rear-ends the truck, there is a higher risk of fatalities. This is particularly the case when faced with situations that diminish visibility, like when driving at night. 

No matter what you might think, rear-end truck accidents are almost always serious. It is vital that you get the help of a truck accident attorney if you want to file a claim since navigating the legal aspects of the case will be difficult.

Since several states, cities, and countries has turned into sanctuary jurisdiction, there are others that have entered into the agreement with the United States Immigration & custom enforcement (ICE)agency. However, there is no official confirmation on what could have constituted the sanctuary jurisdiction. The traditional sanctuary of policy has followed  the basic practice of don’t enforce, don’t ask, and don’t tell. The policy normally prevent some state/local officers from questioning a persons’ immigration status, and  restrict the sharing of information between the state/local police and the federal immigration authorities.

There are states, cities, and countries that are part of the ICE agency access program. The program is a partnership between the ICE and state/local law enforcement agencies, which allow them to act as immigration enforcement agents that helps in identifying and removing aliens that are subjected to deportation. The agreement has become problematic to many individuals, because it has led to racial profiling, civil right violation, immigrants communities  feeling isolated, and families fears separation. While some states has opted out of the agreement, there are several other countries in Texas that have applied & signed the agreement. Therefore, retaining a legal representation is essential, and understanding the resources available to you is also necessary. houston immigration attorney is here for your immigration needs.

How Does Immigration Works

The United States immigration system depends significantly on the immigrant having sponsor or begin highly skilled. Most of unskilled aliens without relations in the U.S resident are unable to obtain a green cards, because the numbers of green cards issued  yearly is around 1million.

The maximum family preference visa per fiscal year are 480,000 and a minimum of 266,000. Although, there is no current limits to the number of visas issued to immediate relatives. The numbers of visas issued are subtracted from the 480,000 preference visas. Therefore, the rest depends on how many relative will get admitted in the United States  for each fiscal year.

Employment-based immigration depends on temporary visa that are also capped in the United States. And the Dept of State says that about 140,000 employment-based immigrants visa are issued to qualified applicants every fiscal years. See  l1 usa follow the link for more information on l1 visa program.

Now, whether an applicant is entering the U.S with a family-based or employment-based immigration proceeding, they will have to submit detailed application to the federal agency. It is to the advantage of any person that want to immigrant to the U.S to have a knowledgeable attorney review all forms to ensure all are complete. Get in touch with mejores abogados de inmigracion en houston tx 

When & Why An Immigration Attorney Is Important?

In all immigration cases, there are reason why retaining a professional immigration lawyer is vital and beneficial to you and your family even to the United States employer. Fighting any immigration case by yourself can cause negative consequence. Having an attorney file your immigration petition at early stage is crucial, also knowing legal challenge you could face is necessary in every steps of your immigration process;

  • Application Process
  • Foreign Employee
  • Family-based immigration
  • Deportation/removal
  • Employment search 
  • Experiencing delay
  • Grounds of inadmissionibility

Here are grounds when and why an immigration attorney is essential.  

Types Of Immigration Cases

It is necessary to know & understand your legal options and right. Your immigration eligibility confides on various factors like; family situation, employment, education, and criminal history. To further learn more about what you qualify for, it is vital that you seek a professional legal guidance. And Adan G. Vega Houston top-rated immigration lawyer dedicates his legal knowledge to helping you filing your immigration proceeding. The first immigration cases are;

  1. Criminal immigration case
  2. Family-based Immigration
  3. Employment-based Immigration

The human body evolved in the constraints of the earth’s gravitational forces. So, what happens when you subject it to zero gravity? One of the impacts is muscle atrophy, and medics have raised concerns for space tourists. So, what exactly is muscle atrophy? Can it be addressed?

What is Muscle Atrophy?

This is a condition that happens when muscles start to waste away. Consider human muscles as active organs that are always working against the forces of gravity. At zero-gravity, the force is eliminated, resulting in the activation of proteolytic systems that remove contractile proteins and organelles. Finally, one starts experiencing the shrinking of muscle fibers.

This problem is very common to people who travel to space. Studies have indicated that astronauts lose about 20% of muscle when they take a space flight that lasts for 5-11 days. In some cases, muscle atrophy can also be accompanied by spaceflight osteopenia, commonly known as deterioration of the skeleton.

The main causes of bone and muscle wasting as well as the relationship micro-gravity is a new study area. Therefore, scientists are researching the problem to be able to predict personal risks for muscle atrophy, use of exercises during space flights, and medication.

How Space Tourism Companies are Addressing Muscle Atrophy: Andrey Bokarev

Knowing the serious dangers that come with space tourism, companies offering the services are working with researchers to come up with reliable methods of addressing it. Here are some common strategies:

  • Allowing Only the Healthy People

Atrophy can indeed happen to all who travel to space. However, healthier people are able to resist the problem more effectively compared to sickly ones. This is why multiple medical checkups are done before one can be allowed to train and travel as a space tourist.

  • Pre-Flight Strength Training

Muscle atrophy mainly happens when one lives a sedentary life, and doctors recommend the use of the right diet and a lot of exercises. This is why every company offering space travel services requires all its clients to undergo intensive training to build and strengthen muscles. So, it would help if you were prepared for strength training to build muscles and understand what to anticipate in space.

To make the fight against atrophy more effective, you are encouraged to continue training even after the travel. This way, you will overcome even most of the atrophy’s effects in the body.

  • Keeping the Flights Short

The main concern about atrophy is when the flights are prolonged. To avoid the problem, you might want to consider the companies offering shorter space flights. For example, Virgin Galactic is only planning to offer short suborbital flights. With good training, muscle atrophy might not be a problem when taking such a short flight.

If you are thinking of space traveling, it is important to consider all the concerns, from health issues to cost implications. The good thing is that the condition is under research to identify the best remedies, and space travel companies’ efforts are also impressive. So, to agree with Andrey Bokarev, the President of Transmashholding (TMH), it is always a great idea to explore new things that will give you a sense of satisfaction. Therefore, do not hold back if you get a chance to travel to space.