Estate planning refers to the organized approach to managing the accumulated assets of a person in the interest of the intended beneficiaries. In simple words, whatever property you have in your life or the assets you own or if any liability is on you, where would that pass after your death to ensure that your property passes in the right hand? It goes as per your desire. It would help to hire an estate planning attorney to avoid this problem. It is also done to prevent any disputes, claims, legal battles, taxes, etc. all the hindrances would not come after your death. It would go smoothly for the beneficiaries or heirs and your desire and will. It is what estate planning is about.

Why Is It Important To Do Your Estate Planning On Time?

It would help if you planned it well in advance to get a proper functioning in how and where your property would be passed on to the beneficiaries. Proper estate planning, disputes, conflicting claims, legal battles, unavoidable taxes, and unstructured playoffs may be in the best interest of the beneficiaries.

How People Think About Estate Planning Depends on The Stage They Are at In Their Life:

For example, folks in their 20s or 30s are probably considering protecting their children. If they have minor children, they have been told they need the will to name a guardian for their minor children and to create a trust for them. If both parents pass when people get to their 40s or their 50s, they are likely thinking about their assets and how to protect them. How to ensure their assets go where they should go if they pass.

 When People are closer to retirement 60s, they start thinking about what their estate plan should look like for retirement. When people approach retirement, they start thinking about that need for their estate plan. As folks get older, in their 80s, they need an urgent estate plan. They may well be dealing with health issues. Perhaps dementia is some declining health and their big concern. Now they are not losing all of their money to long-term care costs. If a person is married, they want to ensure That they leave their spouse with nothing when they pass because long-term care costs are the first threat to financial security.


No matter where you are, it is the appropriate time to see an estate planning lawyer and elder law attorney and get an estate plan.

What Does A Family Law Attorney Do?

 Family law is the law of family relationships. At the front end, this could include making a premarital agreement for someone about to be married. Still, the Family Attorney New Port RI is often involved when family relationships unravel. Divorce is the mainstay of a family law lawyer’s practice, and then along with divorce, many issues go wrong with the divorce. After the divorce, sometimes there can be modifications that are needed. If the parties have children, there could be an issue of conversion of child custody, change of child support, or even modification of spousal support. Often there are cases involving children out of wedlock. Those are also family law cases. They are called paternity cases, so there is the issue of establishing paternity, child custody, and parenting time child support. Then again, in those cases, sometimes, after they are finalized, there can be issues with modifying the parenting schedule, child support, etc.

Questions To Ask When Hiring An Elder Law Attorney Are:

  • How many Medicaid applications have you filed
  • How many have been approved? How many have been denied
  • How many fair hearings have they been to
  • How many trusts have they had approved by the trust review unit
  • How many applications for VA pension have you filed

You need to know the answers to these questions. Medicare health insurance, Medicaid, and VA benefits are highly complex law areas that take years to master.


If you have questions about protecting the assets of a senior of the elders, you must hire an attorney experienced in end-of-life planning. Medicaid planning is a particular area where if done wrong significant limitations can occur. If the attorney that is consulted does not fully understand the Medicaid plan, they could impair your rights and cause massive expenses for nursing home care for transfers of assets. Find a reputable attorney you trust who practices elder law and has good experience.