Family law issues are the most emotionally charged and complex legal matters that people face in their lives. From divorce and child custody to wills and estate planning, family legal matters impact some of our most cherished relationships and require difficult decisions. These lawyers specialize in family law and are experts in areas like divorce, child custody, spousal and child support, and division of assets and debts. Their expertise is invaluable when dealing with the web of issues that arise during processes like divorce. They stay up-to-date on changes in family law and apply their specialized knowledge to your case.

Help with sensitive negotiations

Negotiating issues like child custody and support is extremely difficult and emotional. Family lawyers act as experienced negotiators on your behalf, with your best interests in mind. They negotiate effectively with your former spouse or their legal counsel to help ensure the outcome is fair for you and your children. Their objectivity and experience with high-conflict negotiations make them well-suited to take on this difficult task. These lawyers also help make sure that both parties comply with agreements and court orders like custody arrangements, child support payments, and division of assets. They advise you on your obligations and options if your former spouse violates agreements or fails to make support payments. Their guidance helps ensure compliance and prevent additional conflicts.

Advice on communications 

Communication with your former spouse is a major challenge after a separation or divorce. Family lawyers offer guidance on productive communication strategies that limit conflict. They also communicate directly with your former partner or their lawyer on sensitive issues to keep communications appropriate and above board. When settlements cannot be reached out of court, a family lawyer represents you in court proceedings like divorce hearings, trials for custody or support, and disputes over issues like property division or parental rights. They understand how to effectively present evidence in your favor and argue persuasively before a judge. Having experienced legal representation increases your chances of a favorable outcome.

Advice on appeals

family lawyers Sydney also advise you on whether appeals may be worthwhile in your case if you are unsatisfied with a court’s ruling. They provide insight into the likelihood of success on appeal and represent you if an appeal is filed. Their expertise is invaluable in determining if pursuing an appeal is advisable. Even after agreements and orders are put in place, conflicts arise if your former spouse violates terms and fails to comply. Family lawyers help enforce agreements and orders by filing motions for contempt when violations occur. They also initiate processes like wage garnishments if support payments go unpaid. Their help may be necessary to enforce the outcome you obtained.

Family lawyers understand that circumstances change over time in ways that impact agreements and orders. If you experience major changes like a job loss or your former spouse remarries, your lawyer advises whether seeking modifications to things like support orders may be appropriate. They help clients navigate changing circumstances.