Mortgage payment becomes your responsibility. In mortgage contract, there is clear information regarding the time of payment or the payment deadline and other things that you should have understood before you start the mortgage. However, sometimes financial issues can happen and it can impact on your ability in managing the mortgage payment. In case your financial situation makes you unable to complete the payment based on the agreement, then you will be listed as having a bankruptcy. The bankruptcy is not only for the married couples. It can occur on individuals. As long as they fail to pay the mortgage, then it will be a form of bankruptcy.

However, it does not mean that you will lose your mortgaged property or house. There is still a solution for you to stop the house or property being sold. In normal situation, your failure in payment will make you lose your property because it will be sold as what is the statement in the contract or agreement of mortgage. However, there is chapter 13 bankruptcy in oklahoma. This is a bankruptcy code that can become opportunity so you will not lose your house and it will not be sold in foreclosure. Of course, you should be able to deal with the arrears and the payment because the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy will not erase your mortgage payment or arrears, but it will only give you opportunity to solve the situation so you will not get your property sold as the consequence of your failure in payment.

Basically, the chapter 13 bankruptcy shows that you can change the repayment plan of the mortgage. In other word, you still need to complete your payment, but you will be able to adjust the payment procedure of the mortgage based on your current financial capability and situation. In fact, it is not only for the property or house, but it can also be available for the cars. However, it needs more than just the payment plan that you should have made. In this case, you need to make proposal and later you must get the approval from the bankruptcy judge and court to show your eligibility in changing your mortgage payment plan. When you have got your approval, you can make your payment plan and it has quite long duration. It can start from 36 months or 3 years up to 60 months or 5 years. The length of duration is not your only decision. In fact, it will also be based on the approval from the court.

Since this requires you to deal with the procedures in the court, it will not be easy process. Thus, it is better when you get clear information before you make the proposal to the court. You can look for bankruptcy lawyers that really understand about the chapter 13 bankruptcy. This will be very useful for you to have better understanding and even you can have consultation. You will need attorneys and lawyers who really understand and have enough experiences in dealing with Oklahoma bankruptcy law so later the consultation can run well. Even when you decide to use the service from the lawyer, you will know that they are able to help you.

Right after a car accident, you can be very confused. Unfortunately, this can lead to several mistakes. What you do might make things worse for you and for those around you. Knowing what to do and what not to do is much more important than you might think. 

The truth is most people have no idea what to do at the scene of a car accident, so they receive lower damages for car accidents through the subsequent injury claim. If you are among them, here are the most important things to remember. 

See If You Are Injured

The first thing to do is to check yourself for the presence of injuries. When seriously injured, do your best not to move and wait for the emergency personnel to arrive. Most injuries can become worse when you move. 

If possible, also check on the other people involved. Contact emergency services whenever you notice anyone injured or ask for a bystander to do it. 

Get To A Safe Place And Call 911

Remove yourself from any potentially dangerous situation. Getting to the sidewalk or any other safe place should be a priority. Then, you need to call 911. Some people believe that this is not necessary in fender-bender collisions. In reality, it does not matter what accident happened. Having the authorities on site will help you. 

For instance, you might be injured without even realizing this is the case. If you choose to leave the site of the accident, it will be very difficult to prove that you were hurt. Some injuries appear much later than you might believe. 

Exchange Information With Other Parties Involved

After you are sure there are no injuries visible, it is time to exchange insurance and contact information with those who were involved. Then, you should also take some photographs of licenses and even insurance cards. You are mainly interested in getting the policy number, the insurance company, contact information, full name, the license plate number, accident location, and the type of car involved. 

Make sure to never discuss fault. This is common when you go over accident facts. As you file the claim, it is the insurance adjuster that reviews it. Then, based on several things, it is determined who was at fault. If you make the mistake of admitting fault or saying you are not hurt, this will damage your injury claim. 

Document The Car Accident

It is important to protect yourself and your best interests after the car accident. This is why you should do the following:

  • Know who the police officers were – Just get badge numbers and police officer names. 
  • Get the police report – You should receive a copy of the report written by the police officer who comes to the scene. 
  • Take photographs – You can simply use your smartphone for this. Photograph all cars involved, the overall scene, and anything else that might have influenced what happened, like traffic lights that do not work. 
  • Look for witnesses – If there are people who saw the accident, talk to them and get their contact information, if they give it to you, of course. Witness testimony can be incredibly valuable for car accident claims. 


Having a blog for your law firm is a great idea and it can provide a whole host of benefits. From increasing your online presence to ensuring that you have a better relationship with clients, this is a great tool which all law firms should look to include on their website. No matter if you have a personal injury law firm or one which focuses on corporate clients, blogging is a great idea and one which can help to grow the firm. It is however critical to understand what exactly great content looks like, because if your content is not high quality, you won’t be able to count on the benefit which a blog can offer. 

Here are some tips on making sure that you deliver a great quality blog.

Providing Value 

Before any content is created it is important to consider what kind of value you are offering to those who you wish to read it. Now value can be anything from entertainment to making people think, the key however is that your content at least aims to do it. Simply writing about daily updates in the office is not enough to encourage people to read, engage and share what you are saying. 

Well Written in Blog Form 

Something which so many law firms get wrong is the method by which they are writing the blog. This kind of content should be informal, and show a lighter side to the firm. This is understandable of course given that lawyers are so used to reading and writing huge pieces of information. The blog however should be short and punchy, it should be to the point and it should be written in a conversational style. 

Using Media

Media is a great addition to any piece of content, and here it can serve a number of purposes. Firstly this serves to break up the content in order to make it easier for readers too digest. Secondly the media which you use can add a sense of fun to the piece, and actively contribute towards the subject matter of the blog post. 

Encouraging Engagement

Within the content it makes sense to have calls to action and questions which you want the reader to answer. This is something that can really encourage people to engage more. If you weren’t already aware, the more that people engage on your site, the better that it will perform in the search engine rankings. These questions and calls to action should of course be pertinent and in staying with the subject of the piece. 


And finally it is very important that law firms understand the need for consistency around their blog. This can’t be something which is picked up one day and put down the next. Firms should aim to create at least 2 pieces of content per week. 

These are the keys to creating great content for your law firm’s blog, in order to get the benefits which a blog is able to deliver. 

Auto Accident Attorney in Virginia Beach Recognized by Inc.

Auto accidents can happen in an instant. When an accident occurs, there are basic steps to follow that are specific to Virginia and your unique case. Having a top-rated auto accident attorney who is recognized specifically for auto accidents and personal injury cases can help you navigate the important steps and processes required following an accident.

Barney Injury Law is the only personal injury attorney in Virginia Beach recognized by Inc. for personal injury. Barney Injury Law has a long history of success in representing clients who have been seriously harmed, whether resulting from a car accident, motorcycle accident, or other personal injury case.

The Virginia Beach auto accident attorneys at Barney Injury Law are seasoned experts in negotiating with insurance companies that fail to provide fair or adequate compensation for personal injuries.

What are the basic steps individuals should take following an auto accident case?

When an auto accident results in serious injuries, the negligent party should be responsible for the damages. Some car crashes result in long-term injuries that require compensation to cover both the current and anticipated medical bills. There are other damages for consideration as well, such as loss of future income, and compensation for pain and emotional suffering.

Hiring the right auto accident attorney is an important first step following an accident. Car accident lawyers should be well-equipped to do whatever it takes to hold the negligent individual responsible for any sort of life-altering injuries they may have resulted from the car crash.

About Barney Car Injury Law and Scott Barney, Esq. in Virginia Beach, VA

Barney Injury Law has over fifteen years of experience fighting for rights of auto accident victims. Scott Barney, Esq. founded the firm on the principle that injured people and their families should have access to the same quality legal representation as large insurance companies. As a member of the Lawyers of Distinction, Attorney Barney has successfully recovered millions of dollars for his clients. Scott Barney of Barney Injury Law manages all major car accident and injury claims, including bus, truck and motorcycle accidents, wrongful death, and premise liability cases that are typically related to slips and falls.  If you or a loved one has been in an auto accident or has a personal injury case in Virginia Beach, contact Barney Injury Law  Auto Accident Attorney Virginia Beach

Barney Injury Law – Law Offices of Scott Barney

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Virginia Beach VA 234451




Directions: Visit Barney Auto Injury Law Office


Not everyone has a fulfilling, happy marriage. If you are contemplating divorce, you are not alone. Of course, you should try everything possible to reconcile with your spouse, especially if you have minor kids. however, a divorce may seem like an eventuality when things are beyond the point of resolution. Top law firms in Utah, such as Coil Law, offer low-cost consultations for select clients. Consider meeting an attorney to know your rights. Below are some of the common mistakes you must avoid. 

  1. Not hiring a lawyer. If you don’t understand much about divorce laws, don’t even think of online legal services. Get an attorney who can work to protect your interests and simplify the process. 
  2. Not seeking help. Divorce is a tough and emotional time, and you should seek help from professionals, if needed. There is no harm in seeking therapy when you cannot handle the pressure alone. 
  3. Trashing your partner/spouse. Many people end up trashing their ex on social media, which can impact the case. You may have a thousand grudges, but when it comes to the divorce, keep things private. 
  4. Not planning about finances. After your divorce, the income of the household will reduce considerably, but your expenses will remain the same. Always consider the financial implications of the divorce. 
  5. Dating immediately. While no one can stop you from dating, if you are going through the divorce process, this is something that your lawyer will advise against. Remember that nothing is “private” anymore. 
  6. Trying delaying tactics. No matter your intentions, delaying the divorce will not do you any good. You must consider ending the matter amicably and without getting the court involved. Don’t let your ego trick you. 
  7. Seeking child custody when you don’t have time. Many couples want a 50-50 custody arrangement, even when that could mess up things. If you are capable and available, it makes to fight for child custody. Your child’s best interests should be your immediate concern. 
  8. Avoiding court orders. You are required to follow the court orders with regards to payments for child support and alimony. If your spouse has a restraining order against you, you are required to follow the same. 

Hiring an attorney for your divorce is important and necessary. Your lawyer can help avoid common paperwork mistakes, which can consequentially cost huge. You can also expect emotional support during the tough times. Call a local lawyer in Utah now!

When it comes to the area of ​​expertise of a criminal lawyer such as Law Offices of Alan J. Tauber, P.C. for example, most people tend to think of a popular jury full of people watching, just like in the big movies. The reality, however, can be quite different. Criminal law involves a broad area, which is related to several other specialties of law. That is why this professional needs to be prepared to understand the technical breadth of his demand and the different stages and consequences involved throughout a criminal process. Among the most common actions of a criminal lawyer, the following stand out:

Custody Hearing

The custody hearing is the kick-off of any criminal process that begins in a situation. You’ve probably heard that “everyone is innocent until proven guilty” or that there is no arrest without a final conviction. These are, in fact, constitutional guarantees. But there are exceptions.

Arrest in flagrante delicto is one of those exceptional situations. Suppose the public agent observes the person committing a crime. They arrest them in the act, even before an investigation or criminal process is initiated since the act was caught. Unfortunately, arrests in flagrante delicto do not comply with all legal requirements. In some of them, there are abuses, illegalities, and even strategies deliberately created to arrest a person unfairly.

The custody hearing is a right of this person arrested and must occur within 24 hours after his arrest to identify any irregularities. From this hearing, the judge will determine whether you will remain under the guardianship of the State or respond to the process in freedom. Therefore, it is essential to already have a specialized lawyer’s performance at the time of this hearing.

Crimes Against The Person And Liberty

The role of a criminal lawyer in crimes against the person and freedom is what people usually imagine when they think of these professionals. They are the attitudes carried out directly against other individuals, attacking their physical integrity or right to come and go entirely.

Crimes against the person and liberty range from threats and bodily harm to murder and kidnapping. Also part of this category are crimes against life, which are, depending on the classification, taken to the popular jury, which constitutes a whole world apart from the work of lawyers in the area.

Attempted and consummated homicide, infanticide (crimes judged by the jury),

  • abortion
  • bodily injury
  • domestic violence
  • abandonment
  • failure to help
  • brawl
  • threat
  • kidnapping
  • crimes against honor

Crimes against honor are associated with their three modalities: defamation, slander, and slander. These are crimes that show how communication is capable of causing enormous damage to people’s lives, having a criminal nature that is widely practiced in justice. It is important to note that the criminal logic of crimes against honor differs from the civil logic. In the civil sphere, the need for reparation of those who attacked someone’s honor for this victim is discussed. The individual penalty that this person will suffer for having committed the crime in question is discussed in the criminal sphere.

An experienced criminal lawyer’s office also usually handles domestic violence cases, popularly associated with the Maria da Penha law. In these scenarios, violence occurs within the domestic environment, dealing with the intimate scope of power relations. The defense’s service is, in this case, to avoid abuse during the process and the necessary support so that damages are minimized, preventing an accusation from affecting the course of a lifetime.


If you have been injured in an accident which wasn’t your fault then it is imperative that you seek out legal assistance. When it comes to personal injury law there are so many firms out there which you could contact, but the service which you get is going to be something that varies greatly. It is therefore important that you are focused on getting the ideal firm for you and your needs. The best approach is to compile a list of options and then look to sit down with each and see what they will offer you. Here is how to go about getting that list. 

Simple Search 

The first place to start is with a search engine, and simply typing in keywords such as ‘personal injury attorney near me’. This is going to be the best way to find the highest quality law firms in your area. When it comes to this kind of search, you need to understand that the algorithms are literally designed to give you the very best range of options. This is why you can trust, at least to some extent, the options which you are given. 

Friends and Family

 Another great option which you could use when you are trying to find law firms which can help you is to speak to any friends or family members who have been through a similar experience. If they filed a personal injury claim and had a great experience with the law firm which they used then get those contact details so that you can use them to, or at least add them to your list of possibilities.

Local Beyond Anything Else 

It is important that you try to find law firms which are local to where you live or where you work. This is going to be hugely beneficial for you because of how easy it will be to get to the office. You shouldn’t need to visit the law offices too many times but the last thing that you need after a long day is to traverse a city in order to do so. Aim to find local offices where possible. 


When it comes to taking the list of options which you find online and making that list a little smaller and easier to digest, be sure to pay attention to the reviews which are being left online. This is going to give you a great insight into what you can expect from the law firm when you start working with them. Reviews may not be gospel, given that we all have different expectations from professional services. With this being said however they can certainly give you a great insight into what you can expect from the firm. 

Once you have got a list together, you can start to make calls and chat with legal teams to find out what they can offer you, and to see how comfortable you feel with them.

Delaying in creating a last will and testament could have serious consequences for you and your family. If something happens and you die without a last will, state intestacy laws will determine how your property is distributed. This may not be in accordance with your wishes.

Creating a last will gives you the opportunity to choose who will receive your property and act as the executor or personal representative of your estate. You can also appoint a guardian for your minor children in your last will.

What is a last will and testament?

A last will and testament is a legal document that allows you to control how your property and assets will be distributed after your death. You can use a last will to:

  • designate who will receive your property
  • name an executor or personal representative to manage your estate
  • appoint a guardian for your minor children

What to include in your last will and testament?

When you create your last will and testament in Southlake, you’ll need to designate a few key individuals to carry out your wishes. These include:

  • Executor or personal representative– This person will be responsible for managing your estate and ensuring that your last wishes are carried out. This could be a family member, friend, or professional.
  • Beneficiaries– These are the people or organizations that you want to receive your property. You’ll need to list each beneficiary and what they will be receiving.
  • Guardian– If you have minor children, you’ll need to appoint a guardian to care for them if something happens to you.

You’ll also need to decide how you want your property to be distributed. You can leave specific items to specific people, or you can leave your entire estate to one person.

Once you’ve determined who will receive your property and how it will be distributed, you’ll need to have your last will witnessed and signed. This can be done in the presence of a notary public or two adult witnesses who are not beneficiaries of your estate.

While you’re not required to have an attorney draft your last will, it’s often a good idea to seek legal counsel to ensure that your document is properly executed and meets all state requirements.

Finally, you’ll need to store your last will in a safe place where it can be easily found after your death. You should give copies of your last will to your executor, beneficiaries, and any other key individuals.

Can I write a will without a lawyer?

In most cases, yes. You can usually find will kits at office supply stores. These kits come with basic instructions and fill-in-the-blank forms that you can use to create your own will.

If you have a simple estate—meaning you don’t own much property and don’t have any unusual beneficiary requests—a do-it-yourself will kit may be a good option.

But, if you have a more complicated estate or beneficiaries with special needs, it’s probably best to consult with an attorney. An experienced lawyer can help you navigate the complexities of estate planning and make sure your wishes are carried out according to your state’s laws.



It is important to prepare for sudden and abrupt situations such as the arrest of friends or relatives. Since bail is usually set at a high amount, they might need your help meeting it. Though bail bonds can vary by state laws and specific situations, you might be able to help by learning more about the most common types. 

1. Surety Bonds 

Surety bonds are also sometimes known as just Dauphin County bail bonds. They are the best choice for people who cannot afford to pay the bail immediately. You or a loved one can contact a bail company that can offer a surety bond for the situation. Usually, the company requires a payment of 10% of the total bail amount, a commission or both. Afterward, an agent pays the remaining bail, and the arrested party must maintain court appointments and pay the rest of the bail over time. 

2. Cash Bonds

Cash bonds are the most straightforward bonds at your disposal. They are the perfect option if you or the people you are helping have enough money to pay the entire bail. Once the fee is paid, the defendant is free to go and attend future court appointments. Make sure that the individual you are assisting goes to the meetings since the bail bond can be forfeited if he or she fails to appear. Otherwise, the money is refunded over time minus some administrative fees. 

3. Property Bonds

Property bail bonds, sometimes known as collateral bail bonds, function almost the same as regular bonds. However, you and the defendant will be using property with the same value as the bail amount. Just as with a cash bail, the property will be returned once the case is settled. Some examples of property used in these bonds include real estate, jewelry and vehicles. Before considering this option, know that the paperwork can take longer to process and that it is not acceptable in every state.

4. Immigration Bonds

If the case involves someone who is not a United States citizen or is arrested because of immigration issues, he or she might need an immigration bail bond. This type of bond is similar to a surety bond, where after an initial payment, the agency pays the bail amount. The set bail amount may be higher than regular, and the paperwork can be more complex, so it might take longer to complete. 

Bail bonds ensure your loved ones wait at home before their trial instead of staying in jail. You can ease this process by learning about these resources beforehand. 


It’s a known fact that motorcyclists are at a much higher risk of suffering catastrophic injuries in an accident than occupants in a passenger car. If you ever get injured in a motorcycle accident in Bakersfield, you should consider lawyering up without delay. Motorcyclists must follow certain rules that are specifically meant for them. For instance, you should try and avoid blind spots and use flashing brake lights. However, if you have suffered injuries because of someone’s fault, call one of the Bakersfield motorcycle accident lawyers immediately. Here’s why you need to lawyer up. 

How can an attorney help?

Because motorcyclists are not protected from the elements, they often suffer injuries that are grievous in nature. An attorney can have an instrumental role in how your case shapes up. Your lawyer will – 

  • Determine the worth and scope of your motorcycle accident claim
  • Determine how your action could affect the settlement
  • Gather evidence to prove fault
  • Talk to witnesses and take statements
  • Get a copy of the police report
  • Talk to medical experts to understand the nature of your injuries
  • Get accident reconstruction experts to assess the situation
  • Handle the necessary claims process and paperwork

Dealing with the insurance company won’t be easy

That’s something that many people ignore. You may expect the insurance company to have an empathetic approach to your claim, but claims adjusters handle motorcycle accident claims daily in the real world. They don’t care if you get a fair settlement but would everything possible to reduce what they pay for settlements. If you don’t have an attorney working for you, things can be really hard because these insurance companies know how to create pressure. You may end accepting, saying, or signing something that damages the worth of your claim, or worse, you could take their first offer. 

Filing a lawsuit

If you need to file a civil lawsuit, you need an attorney, although it’s not mandatory. Most motorcycle accident claims in California don’t go to court, but things can be very different in a courtroom if that happens. An attorney can help prove facts and get you a settlement that covers everything you have lost. The idea is to use the expertise and experience of an attorney to your benefit. 

Check online now to find more about motorcycle accident lawyers in your area, and don’t forget to ask about their fees and other expenses.